Through our partnership with OMITT, we are able to refer families to an affordable service for what would normally be a huge expense…and we encourage families to utilize the preventive maintenance service. We love for this partnership to expand to facilitate the growing needs of our families.
– Habitat for Humanity, Charlotte

I wanted to let you know just how pivotal the OMITT training classes were to my life today. It was in those classes that the seed of desire for success was planted. I certainly wouldn’t be living the life I’m living and doing what I do today…I’m eternally grateful.
– Robert Holbrook, Ceramic Tile Remodeling Co., Inc.

Changing Minds and Futures

OMITT Innovation Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with businesses and other organizations to create opportunities for students of all ages for the highest quality vocational training and employment preparation.
Through our Social Responsibility Program, community business partners, trade apprenticeships, and financial aid, OMITT Innovative Solutions seeks to meet the needs of students, the workforce, and employers for the success of all.

We are real people committed to providing real training for real life for the growth of individuals and the economic strength of our communities.

OMITT = On-site/Off-site Mechanical Industrial Technical Training

OMITT Innovative Solutions and its training academy, OMITT Trade School, welcomes students “as they are” in life’s journey. OMITT Trade School teaches trade skills with a human connection that inspires community involvement and economic growth.

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